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IvyQ is a conference which aims to create a pan-Ivy community of LGBTQ students and allies equipped with the skills to examine their identities, value those of others, and understand intersectionality. The steps to achieving this vision are three-fold: creating experiences which foster meaningful and productive social networks; educating students about the history and multiplicity of voices in the LGBTQ movement and the possible trajectories of its future; and empowering all students to feel confident in their identities and their potential to instill positive change in their own lives and the communities they inhabit. IvyQ stresses the acknowledgment and application of privilege for positive and lasting social change for LGBTQ communities.

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Conference Community Agreements

IvyQ is meant to be a safe and inclusive event, and we expect all participants to act respectfully. We must work together to promote mutual respect between participants, speakers, performers, and all other conference personnel. Included in the program is the Community agreement document based on community guidelines drafted by various IvyQ Leaders Boards over time. In addition, we suggest that you look over the glossary of identity terms, which elaborates on some of the many different identities that will be explored during the conference. The glossary was prepared by the Planning Team at Yale and drawn from the Brown Safe Zone program as well as a variety of other sources, all listed in the glossary. These materials provide a basic guide for fostering openness and understanding, and we hope you find them useful.

Campus Resources

A variety of campus resources will be opened to IvyQ attendees. Access to all conference events, requires your IvyQ conference lanyard, which is provided during check-in. Attendees are expected to wear their lanyards at all times. Please remember that you will be unable to enter IvyQ events or access campus resources if you do not have your IvyQ badge. If you for any reason misplace or damage your IvyQ lanyard, please go to the 24-Hour Space which will be announced at a later date. A representative of the Cornell Team will assist you. In the case of an emergency, contact information will be provided on a piece of paper in your lanyard. In addition, security personnel will be on call during the conference. In the case of a bias incident on campus, please report it as soon as possible to : 1-607-255-1111 or online.

Responsibility & Liability

You, and you alone, are responsible for your behavior while you are in Ithaca. We expect that all attendees will behave appropriately, and show respect for Cornell University rules, buildings, faculty, students, and staff. By attending this event you agree to honor Cornell Policy, as well as New York state and federal law. Drug and under-age alcohol use will not be permitted during the conference. Any student found violating the law will be forced to leave the conference, and could potentially face legal action. Your home school may also be notified of your actions. Students who become ill during the conference will be transported to Cayuga Medical Center. All attendees will have access to this local hospital if in need. Note also that we are required to call Emergency Medical Services (EMS) if students show severe levels of intoxication, or other substance abuse. If you require medical services, you will be personally responsible for all expenses incurred, and we will contact your Emergency Contact immediately. Additionally, New York State and Cornell University have a Good Samaritan policy in effect. All attendees should bring insurance cards and some form of identification with them to the conference. We want everyone to have the best time possible, and hope that you all contribute to making this year's IvyQ a safe and positive experience!

Additional resources that are available include SHARE, for information on Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education, and Caring Community for other concerns regarding mental and emotional well-being.


Ithaca, New York 14853 USA

Cornell University: Far above Cayuga’s waters lies a university made up of seven undergraduate colleges, numerous graduate degree programs, and an LGBTQ+ Student Union comprised of several suborganizations.

Photo Credit: Jevan Hutson

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IvyQ relies on funding from corporate sponsorships, grants, entry fees and contributions from individual donors in order to ensure accessibility to students. Without assistance, IvyQ attendees they would find participation to be too expensive. IvyQ is made possible by sponsors, individual school contributions, and donors. We'd appreciate it if you would support our sponsors for supporting IvyQ. If you would like to see your logo here or want to find a way to become involved, contact the Sponsorship Commitee for more information.




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