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Harvard IvyQ dares to imagine a radically inclusive and explorative queer community beyond binaries and the LGB. We want to create interactive, educational, and individual-centered spaces where members can engage with speakers, activists, and each other to explore under-analyzed pieces of the self, others, and unrepresented queer communities. Harvard IvyQ is intent on making this conference an immersive and awesome social experience, full of hype, that is accessible to everyone.

These Speakers Are
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So far, we have over 50 workshops lined up! Here's a sneak peek:

Social Events!

Here's a sneak peek of our social events:

Conference Community Agreements

IvyQ is meant to be a safe and inclusive event, and we expect all participants to act respectfully. We must work together to promote mutual respect between participants, speakers, performers, and all other conference personnel. Included in the program is the Community agreement document based on community guidelines drafted by various IvyQ Leaders Boards over time. In addition, we suggest that you look over the glossary of identity terms, which elaborates on some of the many different identities that will be explored during the conference. The glossary was prepared by the Planning Team at Yale and drawn from the Brown Safe Zone program as well as a variety of other sources, all listed in the glossary. These materials provide a basic guide for fostering openness and understanding, and we hope you find them useful.


Accessibility is a priority for IvyQ 2016. The majority of the conference will be taking place in the SOCH, which is entirely accessible, and as we secure spaces for speaker events, socials, and more, we are keeping accessibility in mind. Accessibility needs will also be accounted for in room and host assignments during the conference.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

IvyQ 2016 affirms the importance of gender-neutral bathrooms for its participants. A list of the locations of gender-neutral bathrooms on Harvard's campus can be found here. The list will be included in this year's programs, accompanied by a map of campus.

Campus Resources

IvyQ 2016 is dedicated to the comfort and safety of its participants. Conference attendees will be able to utilize Harvard's confidential peer-counseling services during the conference, free of charge. We will also provide a relaxation and decompression space, open 24 hours, in addition to meditation and prayer spaces. Harvard College's amnesty policy does not apply to non-Harvard students, so in case of intoxication, non-Harvard students will be processed according to the law. Students who become ill during the conference will be transported to Mount Auburn Hospital. All attendees will have access to this local hospital if in need. Harvard Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response provides 24-hour confidential support and advocacy services at 617-495-9100. See a comprehensive list of resources here. In case of emergencies, please contact the Harvard University Police Department (617-495-1212). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

Please direct any and all concerns regarding conference safety or accessibility to Internal Logistics Co-Chairs Connie Zhou (704-578-0581) and Tout Lin (touttunlin@college.harvard.edu).

List of Resources

Harvard Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
731 Smith Campus Center (formerly the Holyoke Center)
24-hour Hotline: 617-495-9100

Harvard University Police Department

Mount Auburn Hospital
330 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Responsibility & Liability

You, and you alone, are responsible for your behavior while you are in Cambridge. We expect that all attendees will behave appropriately, and show respect for Harvard University rules, buildings, faculty, students, and staff. By attending this event you agree to honor Harvard Policy, as well as Massachusetts state and federal law. Drug and under-age alcohol use will not be permitted during the conference. Any student found violating the law will be forced to leave the conference, and could potentially face legal action. Your home school may also be notified of your actions. Students who become ill during the conference will be transported to Mount Auburn Hospital. All attendees will have access to this local hospital if in need. Note also that we are required to call Emergency Medical Services (EMS) if students show severe levels of intoxication, or other substance abuse. If you require medical services, you will be personally responsible for all expenses incurred, and we will contact your Emergency Contact immediately. All attendees should bring insurance cards and some form of identification with them to the conference. We want everyone to have the best time possible, and hope that you all contribute to making this year's IvyQ a safe and positive experience!


Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 USA

Harvard University: The oldest instution of higher education in the United States lies in the heart of Harvard Square in Cambridge, just a few stops away on the T from the bustling city of Boston.

Incredibly supportive sponsors that we love

IvyQ relies on funding from corporate sponsorships, grants, entry fees and contributions from individual donors in order to ensure accessibility to students. Without assistance, IvyQ attendees they would find participation to be too expensive. IvyQ is made possible by sponsors, individual school contributions, and donors. We'd appreciate it if you would support our sponsors for supporting IvyQ. If you would like to see your logo here or want to find a way to become involved, contact the Sponsorship Commitee for more information.